Taking Shape – Exhibition 2015


I chose the title of this exhibition of my photos covering about one and a half year in Edinburgh to reflect my relationship with both language and photography during this period. When language – in the traditional sense – suddenly became too complicated, didn’t come easily to me, it was easier to leave it behind for a couple of hours. I don’t use my native language very often here, and I can’t always express myself in English the way I would like to; often I felt like falling through some kind of void between languages. It was not an empty void, though: I found refuge in the world of shapes, colours and contrasts.

In Edinburgh, everything constantly seems to be in the state of taking shape: ephemeral cloud formations, the seashore appearing and disappearing again, buildings and trees unfolding from mist, the quickly changing contrast of light and shade. It was easier to capture them with my camera than with words, and words came only later, upon reflection. Thus, photography in some way helped me to find my way back to language. This exhibition is the story of this journey.


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