Opera House, Sydney, 2016




“A young man wanted to learn how to draw lotus flowers, so he went to a master to apprentice with him. The master took him to a lotus pond and invited him to sit there. The young man saw flowers bloom when the sun was high, and he watched them return into buds when night fell. The next morning, he did the same. When one lotus flower wilted and its petals fell into the water, he just looked at the stalk, the stamen, and the rest of the flower, and then moved on to another lotus. He did that for ten days. On the eleventh day, the master asked him, “Are you ready?” and he replied, “I will try.” The master gave him a brush, and although the young man’s style was childlike, the lotus he drew was beautiful. He had become the lotus.”

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I did a creative photo session with the Polish band ‘Aneshka’ (Michal Jesionowski and  Aneshka Pelowska) in March 2015. This is how Michael remembers our work together:

‘Life is going in mysterious ways and that’s how we met Enikő. I’ve seen her work on exhibition in the church where I worked at the time. I was impressed how much soul her work have and thought that it would be amazing to have a session with her. So we’ve made an arrangement and were surprised how well it all went. Working with Enikő was very pleasant and smooth experience. She is very intuitive and spontaneous and she knows how to capture extraordinary moments that holds the soul inside.’

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It was a great help that Michal sent me some songs before the session which helped me a lot to get into the mood. I paricularly like this song of them (typography is not my work):

Glasshouse – Take me in


These photos were taken in a winter garden not too far away from my place. I came upon it by accident during a walk, and immediatley I felt that I had entered a universe on its own. As you can suspect, pretty soon my lens was covered with vapour which made taking photos a bit of a pain, stopping every 30 seconds to carefully wipe the lens. After some time, I just gave it up altogether and embraced the beautiful, creamy haziness of the pictures.

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