Try Rugby – Fanzone



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It was an absolute pleasure to shoot the Try Rugby Fanzone event last summer which transformed Edinburgh’s castle street into a colorful festival celebrating rugby. Many people from France visited Edinburgh for this occasion and some of them made amazing subjects for the photos, just as did the Scottish fans!


Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016


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Over the last two weeks, I have been working at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. It has been a very valuable experience for me as it gave me more insight into press photography and expected standards in the industry. I had the chance to work at different events and venues across Edinburgh, thus testing my skills – and my camera! – in sometimes quite challenging circumstances. I met a bunch of very talented people and of course some international stars as well! Not to mention the EIFF staff whose professional yet friendly attitude helped me a great deal during these two weeks. Can’t be grateful enough for this amazing experience!

Edinburgh at night I.



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After attending a course on night photography, I couldn’t wait to put my newly acquired knowledge to use. Although normally I don’t like working with a tripod – I find it cumbersome and it takes away a lot from the spontaneity that is the most enjoyable part of photography for me -, this time it didn’t bother me.

At night you see everything differently, and through the camera you see everything differently, so in this case the two adds up to create a unique experience of your surroundings. And indeed, my surroundings were unique at St. Cuthbert’s Churchyard with an amazing view over Edinburgh castle.

I didn’t use very long exposures – there was plenty of light even in this dark graveyard, and my main  subject, the castle was illuminated anyway. As I forgot to take a flashlight with me, I couldn’t try light painting. I really regret this as I am sure that the additional light would have created an even more dramatic effect on the gravestones. Next time!

The upper photo was taken just at nightfall at Playfair Steps, which is my favourite route when I am going to the Old Town for a photo walk.

The Museum Attendant



I came upon this scene when I was shooting photos for my ongoing project “People reacting to/with art” in the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh. This is one of my favourite places to go because of the colours of the interior: I love the lavish reds, greens and blues of the place. I had never seen this girl there before and I was immediately captivated by the way her colours and beauty matches that of her environment.