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Romain and Morgan came for their honeymoon to Scotland, all the way from Lyon. Their wedding took place in a small town in the French Alps, but they decided they also wanted to celebrate their love with a romatnic photoshoot in Edinburgh Old Town.

However, the circumstances for a romantic shoot this time were a bit challenging, with the festival still on (for anyone who is not an Edinbourgeois: this means tons of tourists on the cobbled streets), and we also had a massive downpour during the session.  I did my best and so did they I think, with great patience and a good sense of humour. It was a memorable session for sure, and when they emailed me a few weeks after saying that they are immensely happy with the results, I knew I would have to post a selection of these photos on my blog.



Zsófia&Sándor Engagement Photos



There is something about autumn that says ‘LOVE’ like no other season. Even more so if you happen to live in Edinburgh, where the city shows its most characteristic face with the yellow-red-orange leaves appearing here and there in the parks from September, and the mystical, foggy evenings coming back as we (happily) say goodbye to the summer. For this reason, mid-October is one of my favourite times for photo shoots aiming for a romantic atmosphere and I was happy when back in June Zsófia asked me to shoot their engagement session on the last week of October.




With the majority of tourists long gone, the parks, closes and alleys are deserted in the crisp morning, and no one disturbs us as we make our way through Princes Street Gardens or the iconic streets of the Old Town with Zsófia and Sándor. The warm colours that they wear – bright red on Zsófi and deeper shade on Sándor – contrast well with the greyish hue of the stones of the buildings in the Old Town, but also seem very natural when taking more relaxed shots in the Gardens, surrounded by colorful autumn foliage.





Since autumn not only means vivid colours and fallen leaves but check-print scarves and knitted gloves – that is, it is getting cold too, especially after spending two hours outside, occasionally laying on the ground for a nice shot – we decide to warm up ourselves in the nearest Starbucks while having a quick look at the photos and discussing further plans for the day.

Sándor suggests a very nice location nearby – a lovely, hidden little street in Stockbridge, that he discovred by accident the other day. Even I didn’t know it and I walk around in Edinburgh like… a lot! (No, seriously, I lived all around Edinburgh: at this point I almost know it better then my home city, Budapest!).



At the end all tree of us are pleasantly tired and very satisfied with the pictures, the city, the season… okay, except maybe the cold!


Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016


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Over the last two weeks, I have been working at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. It has been a very valuable experience for me as it gave me more insight into press photography and expected standards in the industry. I had the chance to work at different events and venues across Edinburgh, thus testing my skills – and my camera! – in sometimes quite challenging circumstances. I met a bunch of very talented people and of course some international stars as well! Not to mention the EIFF staff whose professional yet friendly attitude helped me a great deal during these two weeks. Can’t be grateful enough for this amazing experience!

Edinburgh at night I.



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castle2 (1 of 1)

After attending a course on night photography, I couldn’t wait to put my newly acquired knowledge to use. Although normally I don’t like working with a tripod – I find it cumbersome and it takes away a lot from the spontaneity that is the most enjoyable part of photography for me -, this time it didn’t bother me.

At night you see everything differently, and through the camera you see everything differently, so in this case the two adds up to create a unique experience of your surroundings. And indeed, my surroundings were unique at St. Cuthbert’s Churchyard with an amazing view over Edinburgh castle.

I didn’t use very long exposures – there was plenty of light even in this dark graveyard, and my main  subject, the castle was illuminated anyway. As I forgot to take a flashlight with me, I couldn’t try light painting. I really regret this as I am sure that the additional light would have created an even more dramatic effect on the gravestones. Next time!

The upper photo was taken just at nightfall at Playfair Steps, which is my favourite route when I am going to the Old Town for a photo walk.

Glasshouse – Take me in


These photos were taken in a winter garden not too far away from my place. I came upon it by accident during a walk, and immediatley I felt that I had entered a universe on its own. As you can suspect, pretty soon my lens was covered with vapour which made taking photos a bit of a pain, stopping every 30 seconds to carefully wipe the lens. After some time, I just gave it up altogether and embraced the beautiful, creamy haziness of the pictures.

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