Same photo, two moods


calton hill (1 of 1)

calton hill


Edinburgh at night I.



nightfall (1 of 1)

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After attending a course on night photography, I couldn’t wait to put my newly acquired knowledge to use. Although normally I don’t like working with a tripod – I find it cumbersome and it takes away a lot from the spontaneity that is the most enjoyable part of photography for me -, this time it didn’t bother me.

At night you see everything differently, and through the camera you see everything differently, so in this case the two adds up to create a unique experience of your surroundings. And indeed, my surroundings were unique at St. Cuthbert’s Churchyard with an amazing view over Edinburgh castle.

I didn’t use very long exposures – there was plenty of light even in this dark graveyard, and my main  subject, the castle was illuminated anyway. As I forgot to take a flashlight with me, I couldn’t try light painting. I really regret this as I am sure that the additional light would have created an even more dramatic effect on the gravestones. Next time!

The upper photo was taken just at nightfall at Playfair Steps, which is my favourite route when I am going to the Old Town for a photo walk.