People reacting to/with art I.


The original concept of  this series was to capture how people react to/ interact with art in different settings; to show the typical patterns of human behaviour when faced with an object labelled as ‘art’ in the context of contemporary exhibition spaces.

However, as the project progressed, I became increasingly aware of how – by taking photos of them – I see these people from not only an anthropological-documentary but an aesthetic point of view, thus sometimes on the same level as the objects of art they share the same space with.

Moreover, this level of aesthetization increased or decreased depending on the context: the institution, the nature of the collection displayed and the space itself where they appear. This indicates a shift from my part: clearly the context in which I took the photos induce a – not always so – slightly different point of view in me.

British Museum,  December 2015:


Scottish National Gallery & National Portrait Gallery, February 2016: